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Who was fortunate to wake up this morning in Belgrade, it can be considered that he has achieved enough in his life today. Any further insistence on something else would be immodest." 
„Dusko Radovic“ (Serbian writer and journalist)

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Belgrade Dental Agency

Combines passion, experience and expertise in order to provide excellent service and care for our clients. We are connecting you with the best dentist with rich medical experience that covers all dental specialties. Our dental clinics offer 100% guarantee on a dental care performed by its dentists who are using only approved materials and brands in sterile conditions.

Affordability and quality of treatment is one of the main reasons patients travel to Serbia for dental care. Besides our professional and quality services, the image of our dental offices is built on our strong dedication to our patients, our endeavours to have them relaxed and make them feel comfortable for dental procedures. We try to avoid any crowds in our waiting room because we want to properly devote ourselves to each individual person who comes to see us. Take the opportunity and explore Belgrade, follow the paths of history in the city where worlds collide, where ancient history merges with medieval times which again merge with the contemporary age. So, what are you waiting for – jump on board!

Your Dental vacation in Belgrade is our care, which includes FREE:

Travel organization (if requested)

Online quotation

Transfer from and to the airport

Accommodation (Near our dental offices ) for clients who are performing larger dental procedures

A Phone card which can be used during your dental vacation in Belgrade, to stay in touch

BelgradeDentalAgency coordinator at your service available 24/7 to assist and enhance your dental vacation experience

Additional services

Tour guide

Organized tours in Belgrade

Best prices, best quality guaranteed.

Customer reviews

The staff are all very friendly and helpful and the dentist always take that extra time to explain everything fully and give any advice. Thank you for everything!

Elisabeth Stadler, 56 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, Austria, Bregenz

Great experience with Mr. Nebojsa and one of his assistance. Very easy going and sharpe . I don’t write reviews, but when you Have terrible service at one place and then come to a place like this . It’s obviously a great environment. Really laid back and friendly.

Megan Smith, 42 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, USA , Orlando / Florida

Had a great experience! I was made to feel at ease the whole journey and won’t be scared to return. lovely staff and a nice clean environment.

Carlos Gonzalez , 38 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, USA , Dallas / Texas

Great team! Belgrade dental agency staff were so helpful and very friendly. I was nervous at the beginning of the appointment but Mr. Nebojsa was very informative and made me feel a lot more comfortable with the treatment. I would recommend this agency to any of my family or friends! Thanks again!

Darren Gallagher , 40 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, Ireland, Dublin

I would like to show my appreciations to all Belgrade dental agency and dental office staff. They offer extremely professional service and always strive to help and accommodate my requests. Also, the dentist is extremely professional, approachable, honest and helpful. Thank you very much for your outstanding treatment, help, and advice.

Cédric Pelletier , 58 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, Canada , Vancouver

Just have to say a very caring dentist who excels in reassuring their patients and gives excellent service, explains what they are doing every step of the way. The best dentist I have ever seen. Appointment system is brilliant, always very accommodating with times. A reminder email is sent and I also had a call confirming appointment. Excellent job Belgrade dental agency!

Rosie Foster , 45 years


It was incredible…I had a sinus lift, bone grafting, 2 root canals and 2 implants all in one sitting!

Peter Bauder , 43 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, Germany , Frankfurt

I can honestly say it’s the only time I’ve enjoyed and looked forward to a trip to the dentist

Hailey Parsons , 37 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, Canada , Toronto

Excellent work – you have rejuvenated my mouth – first rate work – I would recommend you all, you take such care. Thank you.

Daniel Rodberg , 40 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, Norway , Oslo

The funniest 5 days spent in a long time!! Marko and Nebojsa are hysterical and great at making you forget why you are here!! Being proud of my new smile!

Sofie Tharaldson , 36 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, Norway , Bergen

Definite five stars! Great service! Great competence. Outstanding staff. Welcoming and professional atmosphere.

Mikkel Sorensen , 53 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, Denmark , Aalborg

Marko and his team are very friendly and professional. They run through all the options and put your needs first. I couldn’t ask for a better dental care experience. All done with a smile.

Julius Petersson Andre , 50 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, Sweden , Malmö

Definite five stars! Great service! Great competence. Outstanding staff. Welcoming and professional atmosphere.

Jessica Williams , 52 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, USA, New York / New York

The best staff and superior dental care both in the dentist chair and the "carryout menu" of what we need to do at home! Great experience.

Julius Petersson Andre , 50 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, Sweden , Malmö

The procedure was painless and very thorough. I appreciate your service!

Markus Zutter, 55 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, Switzerland , Lucerne

Excellent service and very friendly staff. They were very professional and accommodating. And free whitening was a nice perk. Also, the office felt kinda homey. It had a more relaxing ambiance than a typical dental office. 10 out of 10 will visit again and recommend to friends.

Jake Robinson , 41 years

A HAPPY PATIENT, Australia , Brisbane

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